The Valiants

The official trailer for The Valiants With our new logo is here! The second novel of Lafiro A. Gomez, III after the much-lauded Parachute Island is to be released on November 6th, 2020. The epic fantasy’s description is as follows:

Alfred is a college freshman who’s felt he never belonged. Bullied all throughout school, it’s no wonder when he goes missing and presumed to have killed himself. Mourned by four friends who grew up with him, one year later, they open a mysterious package that was left for them.
The package leads them to the land of Occiterra: a land full of wizards and sorceresses, kings and queens, knights and dragons. So when a mad tyrant returns, the friends are thrust into a campaign that could save their world… or destroy it.
The Valiants combines Western mythology, classic rock, pop cultural references, and a form of Early Modern English in an action-packed novel full of adventure, romance, and wit.

The Valiants is NOW AVAILABLE for Kindle, Kindle apps, and paperback!

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