the quiet

the quiet is available now!

Here’s the quiet, the third novel from Lafiro A. Gomez III. A combination of horror and sci-fi, the novel follows a family and their crew on their ranch after strange occurrences happen. Here’s the blurb:

It started with intensely beautiful colors unfurling across the midnight skies. It followed with power outages around the world. Batteries stopped working. Planes crashed into the ground.

For 38 year old Mike, it means a fight for survival to keep his family and friends alive on his ranch. For 13 year old Danny, it means hard work and late night fears beyond the roving gangs. And for 23 year old conspiracy theorist Azzid, there are more things greater than the animal mutilations and strange disappearances.

For soon, they’ll discover that someone or something far worse lies in the quiet


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