Parachute Island

Meghan, a fourteen year old girl, arrives on Parachute Island, a place for deceased children who can live out their dreams in the afterlife, thanks to a magical Wishing Tree. There, she befriends several teens, including the lovable Ham. But, Meghan harbors a secret, one that eats her up in the inside. David is the only adult on the Island, and sole caretaker of all the children. He arrived under mysterious circumstances, and slowly the mystery unravels. Together, David and Meghan embark on a journey that takes them through family, friendship, faith, love, life, and death.Parachute Island is a fantasy fiction novel for young adults about showing the world that maybe children know best, and that love and peace overcomes all issues.

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NOTE!: The following pages provide background on some of the research conducted and the mindset the helped get me in the mood to create Parachute Island. It’ll help provide some insight to everything covered in the novel. If you haven’t read Parachute Island, I suggest avoiding reading those pages until you have, as they do have spoilers.

CHARACTERS – a breakdown of the “actors” I envisioned portraying the characters, a brief history, and other tidbits of information I’ll release. In the cases where I didn’t have a specific person in mind, I Google Image searched the description I had in mind, until I found the right person. I don’t include their image to respect their privacy.

SYMBOLS – a list of the different symbols in Parachute Island and the symbolism behind each one.

DAVID’S AILMENTS – a list and short description of the ailments that befall David in the second half of the novel.

SOUNDTRACK – the list of songs I used as a “soundtrack” to help me develop ideas for Parachute Island and how each song fits in with certain scenes of the novel. Click on each title to go to the song in YouTube.

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