A Hard Day’s Work

I love staying busy. There’s something about letting my mind flow, create, and/or learn. That was my day today. I started by doing a bit of writing, working on chapter four of [the quiet]. Later in the day, I started taking a course on GIMP, a photo manipulation program akin to Photoshop. I already had many brushes from Photoshop so I have a nice collection to work with. GIMP is really nice and is set up very much like Photoshop so I’m picking it up quickly. As you can see in the images below, I’m able to make some nice imagery that I hope I can make some great covers.

Yes, It’s Been Awhile…

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been away from blogging on here. My apologies to those who were concerned. I’ve been learning a new program that will help me to make my own book covers in the future. I thank my cover designers a lot for making my last two covers and also want to explore my creativity.

I’m also heavily working on advertising Parachute Island and The Valiants. Self-publishing is more than just writing; there includes editing, marketing, and advertising. Marketing and advertising is not my forte and it tends to eat a lot of my time as it is a 24/7 job. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy self-publishing. But I just am working on figuring out how to juggle everything.

Thank you all for continuing to stick with me in this journey. I love writing and I love sharing all my stories with you.


It’s almost the six-year anniversary of my stroke that left me a quadriplegic and ruined my health. Even though it has taken many opportunities away from me, it has given me the chance to finally work on my first and deepest passion: writing. More specifically, writing fiction. Even though it took almost a year to finally recover my thought and speech patterns, on occasion, I will be typing mid-sentence and forget how to spell a word. I know which word I want to use and can even see it in my mind, but I have to sound it to grasp the spelling. It may take a couple of attempts, but I will finally remember how to spell the word. With that said, I would say it’s an accomplishment to have written two books and embarking on a third (and more).