It’s almost the six-year anniversary of my stroke that left me a quadriplegic and ruined my health. Even though it has taken many opportunities away from me, it has given me the chance to finally work on my first and deepest passion: writing. More specifically, writing fiction. Even though it took almost a year to finally recover my thought and speech patterns, on occasion, I will be typing mid-sentence and forget how to spell a word. I know which word I want to use and can even see it in my mind, but I have to sound it to grasp the spelling. It may take a couple of attempts, but I will finally remember how to spell the word. With that said, I would say it’s an accomplishment to have written two books and embarking on a third (and more).

Published by Lafiro A Gomez, III

After having survived a major stroke, I became a full-time writer. I write using my iPhone and one thumb. I am the author of Parachute Island as well as other works. I studied chemistry, psychology, and art at Williams College. I write anything that piques my interest, though mostly, I write speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror). I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.

2 thoughts on “Words

  1. I did not know this about you. I’m sorry this happened to you, but God has a purpose for you and He has given you a wonderful gift. God bless you and may He continue to bless you with many more stories!


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