Cannon Hinnant

Those who have read Parachute Island know that children hold a special place in my heart. So, when I read about Cannon Hinnant, I was heartbroken. For those who don’t know who this five year old boy was, I would say look up his name as I won’t go too long about his tragedy. But basically, boy was senselessly and brutally murdered. This is not a black or white issue like George Floyd. Children don’t care about such things. This was a BOY, like so many boys and girls, who are hurt, abused, tortured, or murdered. This could’ve been YOUR son, YOUR grandson, YOUR nephew, YOUR neighbor. He didn’t have to be YOUR anything, but the fact that he was hurt should make you mad. We marched on and protested for days on end about a man’s murder. We should do the same when it comes to any child’s senseless murder. I feel rage when any child is hurt. I have no other words to say other than I hope he, and other children like him, are enjoying their time on the Island.

Published by Lafiro A Gomez, III

After having survived a major stroke, I became a full-time writer. I write using my iPhone and one thumb. I am the author of Parachute Island as well as other works. I studied chemistry, psychology, and art at Williams College. I write anything that piques my interest, though mostly, I write speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror). I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.

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