Audiobook Giveaway!

To those who know already, I’m going to be releasing Parachute Island soon as an audiobook. As a way of getting the word out, I’ll be giving away an audiobook to three lucky recipients simply by subscribing to my newsletter (link at the bottom). If you’re already subscribed, you don’t have to subscribe again. Here’s the email sent to those already subscribed:

You’ve read Parachute Island, right? Well, if you have and loved it, it’s now going to be released as an audiobook soon! But, here’s a chance to win a FREE copy of the audiobook!

What do I have to do, you ask? Here’s the great thing; you’re already entered to be in the giveaway simply by being subscribed to this newsletter! An audiobook will be given away to three lucky recipients who are subscribed by March 16, 2020. Only one audiobook per person; winners will be notified by email.

Feel free to share with anyone!

Published by Lafiro A Gomez, III

After having survived a major stroke, I became a full-time writer. I write using my iPhone and one thumb. I am the author of Parachute Island as well as other works. I studied chemistry, psychology, and art at Williams College. I write anything that piques my interest, though mostly, I write speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror). I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.

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